We are not all made equal and normally size doesn't matter, but in this case... it does.

Some patch cables are slightly smaller spec than what the audio jacks expect.  

We've noticed this problem with plugs that aren't exactly 1/4" thick. If you're curious and have a micrometer, you could check the widths of the tip, ring, and sleeve of your plugs.

It's a very tiny discrepancy but it will cause some movement within the jack which results in unpleasant noises.

You can do a very easy mod that will eliminate this issue

Just add a jumper from the ring to the sleeve.

- we didn't think we would need this but it has now been updated on all new Echosystems.

This will not void your warranty.

*If you don't have a soldering iron / don't know anyone with one, contact us at support@empresseffects.com and we'll be happy to do this for you free of charge

There ya go!  Happy little Echosystem :)