Below are instructions on how to update the firmware on your Echosystem. Attached are the firmware files and the changelog. If you'd like to download old firmwares, they can be found here:

How to upgrade your Echosystem's firmware

1) download the firmware file from below. It should have the format eeesXXXX.bin where the XXXX is replaced by the version number. The most recent copy of the Echosystem firmware is eees0214.bin


2) copy the file to the root directory of a high-capacity SD card that's been formatted FAT32 (see Note 1 if you're having issues).

3) insert the SD card then power on the pedal. (which may look like a reverb but is actually an Echosystem in disguise) 

4) the preset LEDs should flash yellow for a bit, then all turn green when the update is complete. This should take about 15 seconds. Wait till your pedal boots normally and is playable.

5) remove SD card, turn your pedal off and then on again and you're good! (this part is a little redundant, but it's good to cycle your power just to make sure everything is nice and working!)

Note 1: Quick format won't work, you need to do a full format. We recommend using a PC, since Apple products put proprietary files onto SD cards and sometimes make the reformats unreliable for use in our products. Here are picture instructions for that: 

Note 2:  Empress firmware updates are released in the binary (.bin) file format.  Some browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, are identifying .bin files as potentially harmful and may prevent users from downloading them. We are working on a solution, but in the interim, please follow the steps below to download these updates.

On Chrome:
  1. Download the file below as usual.
  2. Click “Show All” on the right of the download bar.
    1. Alternatively, go to your Chrome Downloads page (control+J on Windows, option+command+L on Mac).
  3. Select “Keep dangerous file”.
  4. Select “Keep Anyway”.
On Firefox:
  1. Download the file below as usual.
  2. In the Download overlay that appears, click the “>” button to the right of the exclamation point.
  3. Select “Allow download”.