Here is a guide on how to access the board inside your ZOIA and how to perform the MIDI mod

We're had a handful of customers who have a particular MIDI device that won't play nice with the ZOIA and we've found that jumping across R69 helps 

First, you'll need to pull off the back plate with a phillips screwdriver and remove the nuts with a #14 and 1/2" bit

Lay out the board and pedal enclosure like this (you don't need the nuts to be displayed like this)

This is where R69 is

Now add a big solder blob to one end, heat it up again and lay in one end of a wire

Now solder the other side and clip off the excess wire

Now clean up any nasty flux residue with 90-99% isopropyl alcohol and you're done!

It's not pretty but you can check continuity with a multimeter to be sure.

Re-assemble the ZOIA and you should be ready to rock!

If you're still having problems please contact and we'll be happy to help.