First of all, sorry! That's really annoying to deal with.  Here are some things to consider:

We use MIDI type A (listen on the TIP, send on the RING) 

- which is superior as it doesn't require a TRS cable unless you plan on sending PC messages out of the pedal.

Some other devices and brands have the opposite pinout so you'll need to check!

Most companies add jumpers or switches that allow you to change the pinout to be compatible with most devices.

If you're using a splitter like the Quadra-thru you may have issues as the Echosystem and Reverb do not have an optocoupler (the ZOIA does so it should be compatible with virtually anything out there)

If the device you're using isn't performing as desired and you've checked that your cables are good and the pinouts match, you may need to try swapping the splitter with an active one like the midibox2 - though you don't have to use ours, there are tons of them out there!

Always feel free to contact us at for help